DEXTA — Giveaway Competition!

1 min readNov 27, 2021


DEXTA — the order book based marking trading platform set to disrupt DeFi by using the best of the two most scalable solution networks BSC & Solana, is holding an activity competition for the prize of $100.

Since Dexta’s launch is around the corner, we want to give the community a chance to get involved, where anybody can participate.

How to get involved?

The aim of the competition is to become as active and engaging as possible. To make this as inclusive as possible we decided to hold it on two social channels: Telegram and Twitter.

⭐️ Telegram requirements ⭐️

For the next 24h, on our official TG chat we will giveaway $50!🔥

✅ The most active person in the TG chat with the most interesting questions

🤩 Twitter requirements 🤩

For the next 24h, on our official Twitter we will giveaway $50! 🔥

✅ Let your imagination run wild

✅ Like, tweet, retweet, comment, share, etc

✅ Be as creative as you want i.e. memes, videos, articles, anything you can think of & post

At the end of the competition on the 29th Nov, the two winners will be announced in the respective channels.

Stay connected by following our official channels below.








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